Proposals are by invitation only.

Please review the Request a Grant page on our website to learn more about the application process.

For applicants who have been invited to submit a grant proposal, they are due Dec 1, 2019.

If you have previously received a grant from ABSF, please contact ABSF staff for repeat partnership requests.

We will only accept electronic versions of grant proposals (word or pdf). We prefer brevity in your responses. Final versions should be emailed here.

Please begin with the following information:

  • Organization name & EIN
  • Contact details of organization & main contact person
  • Location of Project
  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Project Budget & Amount requested
  • Current year operating budget for organization

For the narrative portion of your proposal, please answer the questions below. We value clarity and brevity – in most cases, expanding on your LOI will be fine.

1. Summarize the history of your organization (photos welcome).

2.  Please describe your staff & board.
3.  Summary of your project & who it will benefit. (including what makes the project necessary, and how it aligns with ABSF priorities).
4. Define how your project will be “successful.”

5.  What is unique about your organization?
6. How do you evaluate your work?  What are your specific measurable outputs.  How will you define your impact?
7. List other funding sources applied for or committed to the project.

If not already included in your Proposal, please submit the following information:

Appendix A: A complete project budget and organization budget (if separate from the project).
Appendix B: A copy of your most recent audited financial statement or tax return (please address any major budget changes seen in the last 2 years).
Appendix C: Copy of your IRS determination letter or public charity registration status in the country in which you operate.