XELA AID: Deep Roots, Sturdy Growth, and Abundant Fruits

XelaAid Erik and Leslie

XelaAID empowers children and their families to break the cycle of poverty and to become healthy, educated and self reliant. They aspire to ensure that every child in the highlands of Guatemala is educated and every family is safe, healthy, well-nourished, and has opportunities to prosper; and to profoundly enrich the lives of our volunteers.

Leslie Baer (seen here to the left) is the Executive Director and Founder of XelaAid. She is a woman of boundless energy, an inventive mind, and an enormous heart: just a few of her many infectious traits that allow the vision of XelaAid to be a sustainable reality.

If you’re interested to learn more please check out xelaaid.org, AND, you cannot miss this awesome video they created to introduce you to the people and places of Xela Aid: