Education, Leadership & Life Skills

Educated women lift their families, communities, and countries out of poverty  

When women are given opportunities in education and leadership, the investment grows exponentially. ABSF’s Women’s Education, Leadership, and Life-skills grant-making priority supports high quality education for adolescent girls and young women with a focus on life skills, leadership, sexual and reproductive health education, and mentorship opportunities. 


A non-governmental organization based in Uganda, creating sustainable socioeconomic changes capable of generating lasting impact on communities affected by deprivation, with a particular focus on women and children.


A collective of community-driven organizations working to localize global development and invest in adolescent girls.

Creative Action Institute

Working at the intersection of creativity and social change by building the capacity of leaders and organizations for innovation, collaboration, and resilience to advance conservation, health and human rights globally.

Empowered Girls

A community-based organization in Tanzania with the mission to enlighten, equip, and empower girls to thrive:  Enlighten girls about their bodies, worth, value, rights, and potential; Equip girls with tools to excel academically; and, Empower girls with the courage and confidence they need to compete favorably and thrive.

Girls to Lead Africa

Nurturing a breed of women leaders in rural Uganda who can innovate lasting solutions to disease, poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, war, and injustice.


A small Tanzanian nonprofit creating change for the community, especially youth and women, through collaboration.

Limitless Horizons IXIL

Creating opportunities for Chajul’s indigenous youth, women, and families to develop the academic and professional skills needed to effect change in their lives and community.

Northern Kenya Fund

The Northern Kenya Fund (NKF) provides scholarships to secondary (high school) and university level students from the Marsabit District in northern Kenya. 

The Girls Foundation of Tanzania

Educating Tanzanian girls to become informed and empowered leaders in their communities.

Victoria’s Giving Foundation

Victoria’s Giving Foundation is on a mission to educate, empower, and facilitate indigenous community girls and young women, no matter their HIV/AIDS status or disability, to achieve their dreams. 

The Chalbi Scholars Organization

Chalbi Scholars Organization is improving the lives of hundreds of students across Kenya and building a better society with employed graduates.