Facebook and LinkedIn Announcement to “Like” or “Follow” ABSF

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The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation: Advancing opportunities for women, entrepreneurs, and people with physical disabilities in developing countries.

We want to show the other story, the story of the hoards of people in developing countries who endeavor to establish communities, create sustainable solutions, and work together for a fulfilling livelihood. Their ideas to accomplish these goals are innovative and strategic. They are inclusive of marginalized populations and are compassionate to the environment and local wildlife. There is so much to learn from each other. Our cultures, ethnicities, religious preferences, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, physical challenges, political leanings seem to melt into the background, and though they are acknowledged and respected, they are not the focus of the relationships we build.

The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation would like to invite you to “Like” and “Share” our page so that we can provide you and your friends with a brief glimpse each week into some of the individuals and groups around the globe that are generating positive change for their communities. Our organization is funded by the generosity of Arthur B. Schultz. It is with gratitude for his compassionate capitalism that the stories we post are not a request for donations or other monetary assistance. However, if you find yourself moved by a story, we will include the organizations’ website so you can learn more about them. Our intention is to highlight their efforts and shed some light on their grassroots progress. Thank you!