At A Glance

ABSF awarded 14 major grants and 7 discretionary grants totaling $411,444.00 in the 2014-15 grant cycle. The largest grant was $250,000 to Thriive and the smallest was a discretionary grant of $250. The geographic spread included: 3 grants in Kenya, 3 in Tanzania, 2 in Rwanda, 2 in Nicaragua, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Palestine.

Nine women’s empowerment grants were awarded in the range of $8,000.00 to $27,000. Projects were located in Kenya, Palestine, Tanzania, Israel, and Cambodia. The four disabled mobility grants ranged from $6,400 to $18,000 and were located in Cambodia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

General Grant Amounts in 2014-15:

Expense Item Grant Amount
Thriive $250,000.00
Women’s Empowerment $101,100.00
Disabled Mobility $57,372.00
Discretionary $8,000.00

Tax Returns

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