We trust that local leaders have the best solutions

Grantee Partners

ABSF partners with over 30 grassroots organizations in eight countries.  We believe in a relationship-based approach, trusting local leadership with the solutions to the most pressing problems in their communities.  Supporting local leaders with funding, capacity-building opportunities, networking, and solicited advice is how we work.  We get to know each of our partners closely and do our best to make site visits every 1-2 years to strengthen our relationships.  We believe deeply in our partners’ ability to achieve their own missions and we do what we can to help them get there.  

Funding Interests

  • Disability Inclusion
  • Women’s Empowerment – education, leadership & entrepreneurship.

Application Process

First, visit our Priorities/Eligibility page before contacting us or proceeding further.

Letter of Inquiry

We do not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry.  The majority of our new partners come as recommendations from our current and previous grassroots partners.  If your organization clearly falls within our stated funding priorities, please reach out to one of ABSF’s local partners in your region or country to receive an introduction.


Proposals are by invitation only.

Current Partners: If you have previously received a grant from the Arthur B. Schultz Foundation, please contact your previous representative to discuss a new commitment.

Potential Partners: If you have been invited to submit a proposal, please contact us for proposal details.