The Arthur B. Schultz Foundation strives to advance
opportunities for women, entrepreneurs, and people with physical disabilities.

Our goal is to improve the dignity of and even the playing field for struggling populations in developing countries.
We address inequalities through 2 main strategies:

  • Investing in young women. Learn More!

  • Providing mobility opportunities for the disabled. Learn More!

Women’s Empowerment

Gashora Girls Academy, Rwanda

Confronting the vast underrepresentation of women in leadership and in business/entrepreneurial roles.

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Disabled Mobility

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation Disabled Mobility Program
Refugio de Esperanza, Guatemala

Addressing the overwhelming need for wheelchairs and other mobility solutions in the developing world by supporting a variety of innovative and replicable projects.

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Thriive, Nicaragua

Offering solutions out of poverty and inspiring philanthropy in developing countries by helping to create new jobs.

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